Natural Source of Polyphenols from Organic
Biodynamic Olives from Fattoria La Vialla

“The story„

Dear Friends,

We don’t know if you’ve ever had to admit that “our elders” were right about customs and habits which,at that time, seemed to us to be misguided.
For example Nonna Caterina (1902 - 2000), grandmother, greatgrandmother and great-greatgrandmother of the Lo Franco family, during the olive pressing season had the habit of drinking, a couple of times a day, half a glass of “acqua mora” (= dark water).
This expression is used here in Tuscany for the “vegetation water” (contained in the olives and their stones) that, after pressing, is mechanically separated – by centrifugation – from the oil, which is lighter than water. What’s more, “acqua mora” has a very bitter taste, so grandma left everyone agape. But, resolute as always, she didn’t care....

And she was right!

In recent years the scientific community has discovered that this water is overflowing with polyphenols from olives (more than the oil itself: the proportion is 1:20!), in particular hydroxytyrosol, verbascoside, oleuropein aglycone, 3,4-DHPEAEDA and many others.

So in 2010 Fattoria La Vialla – with various scientific collaborations – initiated an important project, also inspired by the memory of Nonna Caterina and aimed at recovering and enhancing the numerous, precious substances naturally contained in the vegetation water from the Fattoria’s organic, biodynamic olives. It was given the name of “OliPhenolia”, and is a liquid phytocomplex that makes it possible to supplement our diet with precious olive polyphenols, in a simple and completely natural way, as they are.

Fattoria La Vialla
and the Fondazione Famiglia Lo Franco

oliphenolia fattoria la vialla acqua mora

In the photo: the “Piazzetta” at La Vialla farmstead, May 2016, the three Lo Franco brothers, Bandino, Gianni and Antonio.


July 1955, Montarfoni Farm: Nonna Caterina at wheat threshing time, surrounded by the farming families.


In the photo: Parma, 6th May, 2014 at the presentation of the OliPhenolia Project at CIBUS, XVII International Food Fair. From the left: Bandino, Gianni, Dr. Antonio Bruno, Dr. Daniele Pizzichini, Silvia, Dr. Adriana Albini, Antonio, Dr. Massimo Pizzichini and Dr. Teresa Rossi.

 fattoria la vialla

In the photo: March 2014, guest quarters of La Lignana farm, Dr. Albini illustrates the progress of the research. From the left clockwise: Dr. Adriana Albini, Dr. Antonino Bruno and Dr. Arianna Pagani (researchers), Antonio, Bandino, Dr. Massimo Pizzichini (ENEA), Dr. Teresa Rossi (researcher), Dr. Daniele Pizzichini (ENEA) and Gianni.

OliPhenolia® is a natural biodynamic organic dietary supplement.

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