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What are Biodynamic Cosmetics with OliPhenolia

The origin of the use of olive oil in cosmetics is lost in the mists of time, while the use of olive vegetation water (also known as olive fruit water) had never been taken into consideration. Even after the discovery of the valuable substances contained in it, the fact that it couldn’t be purified and filtered prevented its use.

With OliPhenolia®, in 2015 La Vialla began to work with RSC Pharma1 and with the executive director and partner, Prof. Thomas M. Schmidts – also a client of the Fattoria – as well as with Biodermic Health & Beauty2. Prof. Schmidts managed to convince the Viallini (initially they were reluctant: it was a new field that had nothing to do with La Vialla) to undertake a series of studies in order to use the properties of OliPhenolia® on skin as well, in cosmetic products that are natural, organic and also meet the strict biodynamic criteria. The results were not long in coming: on May 7th 2019 they were also published in the scientific journal “Cosmetics”3.

Gießen, December 2017: scientist Dr Thomas Schmidts, in the centre, with his colleagues Dr Peggy Schlupp and engineer Sören Wildenhain.

After research and experiments both in vitro and on volunteers, La Vialla surrendered!
Maybe good “nourishment” for the skin, the largest organ of our body, could be a very interesting idea; the skin’s health bears witness to the wellbeing of the entire body...
That is how the cosmetic products were conceived, essentially from olives grown at the Fattoria using organic-biodynamic agriculture, as are between 65% and 90% of the ingredients of La Vialla’s cosmetics. They are the “offspring” of the fields and unique like the fruits of every season, of every harvest... “rustic” cosmetics (as some call them), genuine, simple, natural!
From this year, following the results of new research regarding the effects of OliPhenolia (published in December 2021 in the “Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications”)4, two new products for the scalp and hair have been developed – a Hair Tonic and a Shampoo.
In addition, the direct experience of a few “enterprising” Viallini – tired of mosquitoes – also stimulated research and the creation of a special, extremely pleasant, SOS Spray with soothing, refreshing and deodorising properties, to always keep on hand in your pocket or bag for emergencies.

1 RSC Pharma GmbH & Co. KG is a laboratory renowned for its pharmaceutical research and the development of medicines and cosmetics, located in Gießen, Germany. It collaborates with universities and numerous large German companies and is specialised, in particular, in clinical trials on therapeutic skin care and anti-ageing products. For further information see www.rscpharma.de.
2 Biodermic Health & Beauty GmbH & Co. KG, located in Grünberg, Germany, is renowned for innovative cosmetics. It collaborates with dermatologists, chemists’ and universities, and has received various recognition for its research projects. For further information see www.biodermic.com
3 “Effects of a Phenol-Enriched Purified Extract from Olive Mill Wastewater on Skin Cells” by Peggy Schlupp, Thomas M. Schmidts, Axel Pössl, Sören Wildenhain, Gianni Lo Franco, Antonio Lo Franco and Bandino Lo Franco. Published in Cosmetics 2019, 6, 30; doi: 10.3390/cosmetics6020030.
4 “Polyphenol-Rich Olive Mill Wastewater Extract and Its Potential Use in Hair Care Products” by Lisa-Marie Sittek, Thomas M. Schmidts, Peggy Schlupp. Published in Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications 2021, 11, 356-370. doi:10.4236/jcdsa.2021.114029.

The properties:

Results of scientific research carried out by RSC Pharma have demonstrated that

OliPhenolia5 – contained in different concentrations in all of Fattoria La Vialla’s biodynamic cosmetic products – has the following actions on epithelial cells:
- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-germ, regenerative (anti age)

OliPhenolia5 – contained in the Hair Tonic and Shampoo – has the following positive influence on human hair root cells:
- it stimulates growth of human hair root cells
- it has an antioxidant effect that therefore protects the cells
- it increases release of the essential growth factor IGF-1

The characteristics:

Ingredients made with raw materials from biodynamic agriculture, produced at Fattoria La Vialla and Demeter certified, make up 90% of the Intensive Serum, over 80% of the Olive Salve and Hair Tonic, and between 60 and 75% of the other products. The other ingredients, not from agriculture, are permitted by Demeter standards. The products do not contain preservatives (in accordance with the EC Regulation on cosmetic products) or colouring agents and they have skin-neutral pH.

All the products have obtained the highest certification from the dermatest6 laboratories and the 5-star seal of excellence.

The dermatest clinical trials have also certified the following effects:
- moisturising: improving skin hydration by 54% for the Intensive Serum, by 25% for the Face Cream, by 32% for the Hand Cream, by 53% for the Body Balsam and by 24.93% for the SOS Spray.
- anti-wrinkle: reducing wrinkles and skin imperfections by 24% for the Intensive Serum and by 15% for the Face Cream.
- skin-protective, particularly for children: for the Nourishing Cream and the Olive Salve, also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.
- antibacterial, helping control oiliness and reducing the formation of blackheads and spots: for the Intensive Purifying Gel Face Wash for blemished and acne-prone skin.
- refreshing, soothing: the SOS Spray lowers skin temperature by about 5% straight after application (excellent for relieving, for example, the itch of mosquito bites).
- improvement of general hair condition (+26.17%), condition of the scalp (+26.74%), hair density (+14.9%), thickness (+8.3%) and shine (+20.7%), reduction of dandruff: for the Hair Tonic and Shampoo.

5 In the biodynamic cosmetics OliPhenolia is used to refer solely to the purified extract of olive fruit water.
6 dermatest is an independent institute, recognised at an international level – founded in 1978 (the same year as La Vialla!) – that carries out dermatological tests on a wide range of products. Its seal guarantees that the product has been tested according to precise, strict criteria and certifies perfect skin tolerability. The 5-star seal is only awarded to products that are clinically tested.

Conventional, natural, organic and biodynamic cosmetics

The world of cosmetics – even “natural” ones – is a rather complex realm, full of numerous certifications and nomenclature...
Dr Schmidts from RSC Pharma has explained a few things for us.



Conventional cosmetics are mainly prepared with raw materials that are produced or modified synthetically. They often contain petroleum derivatives (silicones, parabens, microplastics, surfactants – even quite aggressive ones), formaldehyde, colouring and fragrances of synthetic origin. The ingredients of plant origin, which they may contain, are hardly ever regulated by guidelines for sustainable cultivation. And, luckily, animal testing is no longer allowed in Europe!



Natural cosmetics are made with raw materials of natural origin (natural substances and their derivatives), usually none or only a small part of which from Organic Agriculture.



Organic cosmetics must be made with raw materials of natural origin (or their derivatives), a high percentage of which – it varies according to the different Certifying Bodies – have to come from certified Organic Agriculture.

“Organic cosmetics” and “natural cosmetics” have many things in common: they must not contain ingredients that are harmful, and have to be free from artificial colourants and fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, silicone oils, petroleum derivatives (for example paraffin) and silicone. The use of irradiation for treating and sterilising the ingredients, or the finished product, is forbidden.



Biodynamic Demeter certified cosmetics are regulated by the strict guidelines for certification by Demeter – the only body that evaluates cosmetics according to the principals of Biodynamics. Over 66% of the ingredients are certified biodynamic by Demeter, and at least 50% of the ingredients from agriculture must be Organic, while conventional raw materials are limited to 5%. They are the most guaranteed, sustainable and healthy skin care products.

NB: The agricultural ingredients contained in Fattoria La Vialla’s Biodynamic Cosmetics are susceptible to the variability of seasons, to the differences between the varieties of olives and the different olive groves. These variations are reflected in the colour of the cosmetics, which may vary slightly from one batch to another; they do not affect the products’ quality, and are a guarantee of their naturalness.

The path of the polyphenols

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